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MF Series Parts

MF Series Parts
  1. MF Series Power Adapter

    MF Series Power Adapter

    CAD $65.00

    MF Series Power Adapter P/N MF200-0102 Learn More
  2. MF200/MF300 Pump

    MF200/MF300 Pump

    CAD $125.00

    MF200/MF300 Pump P/N MF200-1300 Learn More
  3. MF200/MF300 Pressure Switch

    MF200/MF300 Pressure Switch

    CAD $65.00

    MF200/MF300 Pressure Switch P/N MF200-0201 Learn More
  4. MF Series Pressure Gauge

    MF Series Pressure Gauge

    CAD $30.00

    MF Series Pressure Gauge P/N MF200-0700 Learn More
  5. MF Series Manifold Block

    MF Series Manifold Block

    CAD $50.00

    MF Series Manifold Block P/N MF200-1400 Learn More
  6. MF Series Float Switch

    MF300/M300-S Float Switch

    CAD $70.00

    MF300/MF300-S Float Switch P/N MF300-0800 Learn More
  7. MF Series Foot  Valve Strainer

    MF Series Strainer

    CAD $20.00

    MF Series Strainer P/N MF200-0920 Learn More
  8. MF Series Check  Valve

    MF Series Check Valve

    CAD $25.00

    MF Series Check Valve P/N MF200-0980 Learn More
  9. MF200-0800 Float Switch for the MF200 or MF200-S

    MF200-0800 Float Switch for the MF200 or MF200-S

    CAD $65.00

    MF200-0800 float switch is the P/N for the MF200 or MF200-S mini feeder Learn More
  10. MF200 tank cap

    MF200 tank cap

    CAD $20.00

    Black tank cap for the MF200 mini feeder. P/N MF200-1000A Learn More

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